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SInger/ songwriter Paul Corson

Paul Corson is a singer/songwriter from Las Vegas, NV. His first release, "Midnight Train" was released in 2011 on the EnMass Music Label. In 2013, he released his first 4 song EP "When We Touch the Sun" on the Indie-Rock label Vertigo Sky Records. After the EP release he embarked on a multi-year tour in Asia. Performing over 250 shows a year, and traveling to over 100 cities across Asia. Paul Corson's melodic vocal and guitar style, along his radio rock roots, has been a perfect catalyst for his passion for writing catchy songs. But his rock roots haven't stopped him from expanding into more experimental electronic sounds. Mixing modern synth with his guitar-centric sound. In 2016, Paul released a series of Indie Pop/Rock singles while continuing to tour and write. Upon the global shutdown of 2020, Corson took the opportunity to return to Las Vegas, and start putting together the pieces of his first full length album to be titled, "Tiny Rooms". Reaching into his deep bag of demo's written over the past several years of touring and performing from city to city. The album is a shift back to his organic rock roots, with fresh guitar solos and hooky riffs. Along with lyrics inspired from his experiences on the road. "Tiny Rooms" is set to be released in late spring of 2021. As well as an acoustic album "Among the Angels".